Lucas Day 16: Sunday the 21st

Doje's Dungeons

Doje’s Dungeons

Dear Diary,

Today we took the Vaparetto to Campo San Marco, the main town center of Venice. We went into the Doje’s palace– also known as Palazzo Ducale. This is a major landmark in Venice and exhibits amazing architecture, mosaic and marble work, paintings, and a large collection of historical artifacts. We saw some very famous and enormous paintings by Tiepolo– a painter of the time. As well as war artifacts. I particularly enjoyed the dungeons portion of the tour, it was pretty cool to see the thousands of years of graffiti etched and burned into the walls and also the Bridge of Sighs– the final lookout into the world before one became imprisoned. After the tour we took the Vaparetto to Ca’ Rezzonico, which was our next sight-seeing spot. We had lunch and everyone was feeling a little out of it from adjusting to the heat and what not. We met back up at 3:30 and took the traghetto across the canal to Ca’ Rezzonico. We had first stopped at Palazzo Grassi– another palace where Rudolf Stingel was having an exhibition in which he carpeted the entire interior of the palace. But we had arrived there on accident. So we made it to Ca’ Rezzonico… Ca’ coming from the word ‘casa’ meaning house, is an abbreviation seen before particular palaces and such that were privately owned. Inside Ca’ Rezzonico, we saw a mixture of old and new. The palace was a family’s private house hold during the 18th century and each room was filled with amazing traditional Venetian glassware, ceramic, and other furnishings. You could see the influence of various cultures that had impacted Venice’s rise, including a large portion of oriental reference. We saw painting fresco’s by Tiepolo and Longhi as well as many more. What was really neat about the set up in this now-museum was that they had set up features of the current Biennale mixed within the traditional and original artifacts. It was a fun way to move through, almost like a treasure hunt. There were modern glass and sculpture pieces that played off of the tradition of the palace. At the top floor, my favorite thing was a reconstructed pharmacy that looked as though it was on the side of the street in Venice. After such a long day of sightseeing, I headed to the hotel and slept from 7 P.M. until morning… Bravo!


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